Royal Arch Chapter

The various local Chapters operate under the jurisdiction of the "Grand Chapter" of each state, which in turn is governed by the General Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons International. The General Grand Chapter constitutes the largest Masonic Body in the world. The Chapter confers four degrees (Capitular Degrees), giving a complete story of Masonic symbolism, in the following order:

Mark Master

The Mark Master degree is perhaps the oldest Masonic degree, and is one of the most highly respected. It teaches practical lessons for everyday living. This degree supplements the Fellowcraft Degree.

Past Master (Symbolic)

The Past Master degree teaches the candidate the important duties and responsibilities of the Oriental Chair, and is qualification for advancement.

Most Excellent Master

It is commonly known that the symbolism of Freemasonry surrounds the building of the Temple. In symbolic Free-Masonry, the Temple is never completed. In the Most Excellent Master degree, we are taught the lessons of the completion and dedication of the Temple. In the degree of the Royal Arch, the epitome of Masonic symbolism is found. It has been said "the Royal Arch is the root, heart and marrow of Masonry, without knowledge of which the Masonic character cannot be complete".

Royal Arch

The Royal Arch degree is the completion of the whole system of Freemasonry. Having begun regular advancement through the Symbolic Lodge, it is the duty of each Master Mason to complete the degree series. He who has sought further Masonic education should return to the Symbolic Lodge, retrace his steps and advance through the Rite until he can receive the climax of Masonic symbolism, as taught in the Royal Arch. Only those who have attained the Royal Arch may be said to have completed their Masonic Work.